«Happy Elephant»

There was a time when all of us were children. Exactlythis period of our lives defines our future life. That`swhy it is so essential to educate children, comprehensively upgrade their minds and hold them in atmosphere of love and care. During classes with yourkids we are not only teaching them, but trying to find out children`s talents, which have to be advanced.

There are groups, where kids can study threelanguages: English, French, Russian with nativespeakers as well as groups without studying any languages in “Happy Elephant”. We are creatingmultilingual atmosphere in our center, using thatconditions we develop skills and motivation to learn foreign languages in your children. The root principleof teaching is based on communication between children and teachers on English, French and Russian languages. Therethrough your kid is getting immersedin sphere of foreign languages and realize the importance of learning them for communicate with teachers and other kids in group.

There are children from 8 months old in our center. We suggest parents to bring their kids in our center up to the age of 3 years, because during this period a child is more acquisitive for learning languages. Such kids are interesting in all new around them, they are trying to learn the outside world and absorb information like sponges.

Start the process of education from an early age!

In working with children, we use modern techniques to fully reveal the talents of the child.
All developmental activities are conducted in a game form. They will help your kids get important and necessary for their age knowledge and skills.
If you do not have the opportunity or desire to take your child to a kindergarten, but you are trying to provide him with the right development and want to join them in our team, an excellent alternative may be short-stay groups and additional classes. The programs of groups for the smallest ones are aimed at the development of small and large motor skills, improving speech and encouraging interaction in the team.
For children from 2.5 years in kindergarten, mathematics, logic, English and other subjects are taught. Such activities stimulate interest in learning and help to adapt gently to entering school. In our center, the groups are formed in such a way that the gap in the age of the children was minimal, and the teacher could give maximum attention to each kid.
In addition, the center is carrying out correctional work. For kids with speech disorders, a speech therapy group works in our center, where a qualified and experienced specialist helps to solve the problem of any complexity. Classes include speech and exercise, which are conducted under musical accompaniment. Logopedic lessons in the kindergarten also include outdoor games and breathing exercises. Visiting classes and regular work at home will help the child to overcome speech difficulties and in general to improve the body.
The program of classes for each age and modern methods for the comprehensive development of the child with a special approach are focused on the needs and personal qualities of each kid!
A unique series of development programs creates space for the direct participation of the child in developmental games and, in addition to receiving positive emotions, there is a comprehensive development of children's thinking.
Working with an early child will allow him to find a faster way out of the situation and easily navigate in different circumstances.

Take care of the development of the child today, and tomorrow he will tell you for it: "Thank you."